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Tandoori Mahal Cuisine of India is located on Dominion rd, Mt Eden.

Our menu offers a wide range of Indian specialties such as Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kebab, Malai Tikka and many more.

You can order online from us by clicking the ORDER ONLINE button and we will deliver our delicious food directly to your front door.

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331 Dominion rd, Mt Eden, Auckland.

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We were surprised at the quality of produce and flavour of our dishes delivered in an area of Indian restaurants competing on price, not quality. Twice now these guys have been a standout and we will not bother going anywhere else locally as tandoori mahal is a standout. I pick up as so close and times are spot on. The restaurant is spotless and inspires confidence to try other dishes.

  • 6.0 Stars
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Amazing customer service and great food. They first called me up to let me know my order may take longer than expected as they were really busy and all drivers were out on deliveries. This was already a great sign for me as most places would just send the automated txt message and leave it at that. They then told me they will see what they can do and let me know. Sure enough they called me up shortly after to let me know that they were able to deliver it sooner than expected and the food came after 40mins which was very fast considering their original estimate on the busy night. I think the food from this place is great but what really sets it apart is their customer service. Thanks a lot!

  • 6.0 Stars
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First time ordering from MenuLog since moving back to Auckland from Melbourne. This was the first experience of Tandoori Mahal and it didn't disappoint. The text message indicated a delivery about 55 minutes after ordering but the meal arrived 35 minutes later. The food was still hot and I had ordered a medium strength curry and that is exactly what came, which made a nice change. I ordered papadam and in Melbourne would have got 2 or 3, but this order was 5 and they were great. I ordered rice as a side but didn't need to as the meal came with rice so could have saved some money there as it wasn't obvious when I ordered. Very good value for money I think.

  • 5.7 Stars
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